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Loretta Amero

August 15th, 1950 - September 12th, 2022
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Loretta Gail Amero (nee)Atkins 

Aug.15, 1950 ~ Sept.12, 2022 


Also known as Rev. L. Amero but everyone called her Laurie.   

Her legacy changed the hearts and lives of so many. She was the founder of Feed My Sheep Discipleship Training Canada and had a passion to make disciples who would make disciples.  Laurie invested her life into kingdom work and her love for The Lord shone wherever she went. 

There aren’t enough words to describe this beautiful woman of God, she was fierce and brave, compassionate and loving, focused and purposeful, one of the wisest women you would ever meet and her faith was fearless.  Her deep love for Jesus permeated all of her being and she couldn’t help but share the love with others. She will be deeply missed by so many. 

We may have lost a beautiful woman, a treasure, a mighty servant of The Lord Jesus, but heaven has certainly gained an angel and her legacy will live on forever. 

She is safe in the arms of Jesus now.   


September 19th, 2022

Dear Laurie

Our meeting though brief was so impactful.

I have never met a person so in love with her God that regardless of the pain and anquish due cancer, was so determined to remain focused on her God.

Pastor Laurie yours was a life of purpose and impact.

You fought a good fight of faith. Infact you fought a great fight of faith by being so exemplary.

In my interaction with you I met a mother, a Pastor, a leader and a world changer whose tool was God's word.

Thank you for being so selfless and deliberate about building others in their walk with the Lord.

Your brief appearance on our Radio Station through your cherished segment 'Feed My Sheep', which aired on Sundays at 07:40 AM CAT will always be treasured.

You have safely secured your slot in this generation.

Go in peace Woman of God and rest because your hard work is speaking for you.

Love till we meet again

Bibian Lambart Mwale
Radio Christian Voice
Lusaka, Zambia.

Pastor Evans and Thelma
September 19th, 2022

Oooooh Loretta Amero( Mum Laurie as we called you as a family)..... It is so difficult to come to terms with the fact that you're gone. You came into our lives just for a little while but you left memorable footprints on our hearts such that we will never be the same again. As a family, we remember those times when you came to our rescue when all hope seemed lost, thank you so much. Your legacy will never be lost. The influence of your love towards God and fellow men will go on through all our lives...... The lives which you greatly touched through the Feed My Sheep Discipleship Training Program. As Mustard Seed Pentecostal Assembly of God Zambia, we've deeply tapped into your vision ma'am and Every Praise Is To Our God. You have run your race Mum and we're witnesses to your victory. We celebrate your life great woman of God.... With tears in our eyes, we say, yes Lord to your will..... Pastor Evans and Thelma.

Dragana and Srdjan Pržić
September 18th, 2022

I have been a follower of Christ for more than 20 years, I have read the Bible from the beginning to the end of the 15th time, and many Christian books, listened to many sermons in church and on you tube from God's anointed people... Feed My Sheep spiritual material, the lessons are really something special because, they strengthened us in faith and really strengthened our foundation in the Lord and many believers in Bosnia.Thank you Loretta Amero!

Pastor Srdjan & Dragana.

Prisca Matika
September 17th, 2022

Rev Laurie,am glad we crossed paths.It was an honor knowing you.You were so consumed with feeding the flock with the word of God.Your rewards await for you in heaven
Rest in glory
Farewell Gods gallant soldier

Tim Godard
September 17th, 2022

It was early February of 2020 when I first wrote Laurie an email. I was at the end of my rope for the second time in my life. I cried out to the Lord for help and soon afterwards a friend referred me to Laurie’s radio broadcast saying you have to hear this girl she is on fire with the Holy Spirit. I listened to one program and was hooked. I then listened to a few archived programs and the more I heard the more I wanted to hear. She was preaching the word of truth like I have not heard from anyone else. I saw she had a discipleship program so I ordered it and began reading the first three lessons. I was so excited about the lessons that I emailed asking if there was a group close by to join. I also said I feel called to teach it as I had two others that wanted to do the course but I was new to teaching. She was so encouraged that I felt called to teach it and responded with a beautiful encouraging letter of support. I wrote back and shared my testimony and she could see where I was in my walk and with wisdom from above discipled me from just where I was. She offered to answer any questions as I taught the lessons and wanted to know how each lesson went so I gave weekly updates. As I taught the course I continued to learn and grow but it came with heavy growing pains with more to come. The program rightly teaches how to walk in the spirit and put off the flesh. It is a lifetime journey but it is the only way to have a fruitful abundant life. She always taught Jesus plus nothing. She was a living example of how to live with Jesus as the centre of your life. I fell in the with the bible and read it every day because of her love for the word. Over 100 emails and hours and hours on the phone discipling me. The biggest cheerleader anyone could ever have. It has been an honour and privilege to know her and be a labourer with her in the harvest. She will remain in my heart forever until we meet again. She has reached countless people around the world and will continue to reach many more. She changed and touched and planted countless seeds with the word and I am eternally grateful to God for introducing me to her. My sweet Laurie I will miss you immensely but am comforted that you are in the hands of your first love Jesus.

Rev. Kenny Kangwa
September 17th, 2022
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What is this I am hearing! Is true that mama Laurie has gone when I had whispered into her ear; "Linger around mama., we need you on earth more than heaven needs you."

What is gratifying though is that at least she has seen part of her God-given dream to make disciples who will make disciples roll out in Zambia during the FMS Zambia Explosion.

She unreservadely incorporated the FMS program into our newly formed Great Commission Discipleship School (GRECODIS) in Lundazi, rural district of Estern Province, Zambia, and distributed a copy of FMS to each of our 50 first students, which not just informed and transformed students but also has become a tool to diciple their constituencies.

I could hear her overflowing joy as she struggled to speak during our virtual meeting on 31st August 2022. . I am sure she will continue watching, from our Lord Jesus' bossom, the FMS program grow exponentially to the ends of the earth.

Go well mama! Michelle has bought into your dream, just us we have done in Zambia and other parts of the globe. You've started a fire that will transform Zambia to glory of Jesus Christ. You have fought a good fight of faith. You've completed the the race. Now before you is laid the crown of life. MHSRIEP.

Rev. Honesty Shikaumbu
September 17th, 2022
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Rev. Amero Laurie: Visionary Leader, an Epitome of a Servant Leader, Faithful to God's Call, An Exemplary Disciple Maker with precise Prophetic Insight.... What more shall I say.... Will always treasure your Work and indeed Your Work shall LIVE on......

Emmanuel Lusambu
September 17th, 2022

Ma'am Laurie, was sent indeed for a purpose of impacting many lives in different parts of the world. She was not only a woman of success but of significance.

She had a heart of leadership which made many others to be leaders.
She was really a good mother to me.

There's always one thing I will never forget which she usually said to me.
Ma'am Laurie told me to stay humble at all times she made me understand that I have no time to waste but to focus on the assignment of God.

Although she had so many people around her table I was one of those she considered by supporting me, encouraging me to be faithful and finally she told me the battle is already won by our soon coming king whose name is Jesus.

I appreciate the good work of God that has been done through her.

Through her love for God we have enjoyed the grace in the feed my sheep discipleship. We promise to continue in the journey of making disciples who will also make disciples.

The almighty God knows her better and the works she has done. All I have to say is thank you Lord the All knowing our lives is your hands.

To God be the glory.

Bernard Hanamwanza
September 17th, 2022

What kind of a woman are you was my thought when I first heard of you and when I talked to you I realized God sent you as an angel to many nations.
Your kindness was out of this world ,it reflected the love of Christ in every possible way. As I fought the battle of the first cancer you always have me encouragement to fight through by the word of God and I saw God do marvelous works and the leg is healed .iam believing God even for this to be healed
Your eyes where fixed on Jesus and your prayer life was a real relationship you had with Father God.
The Holy Spirit led you day by day . You will always be in our hearts my encourager. Will miss you greatly. How can I thank God for you for all you ever did for me and my family.Heaven has gained a wonderful. Loving person. PASTOR BERNARD HANAMWANZA

Danilo Stojiljkovic
September 17th, 2022

We continue what God gave through His Word "to make disciples" from the beginning to the end of the world and the vision that Sister Laurie implemented throughout her life.

EvagThiofil Gazi
September 17th, 2022
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you are my best one and God gifted. God put me on your pathway .you are blessed child of God and you are winner. you taught me like Timothy and taught me how to be winer and how to fight.i knows you you given your whole life for father almighty God,kingdom of you are with know how much i love you and i Missed you too much. Pray for me from father house .my sweet heart Didi- your precious Bhai From Bangladesh .

Lovemore Chibuye
September 17th, 2022

Sr. Laurie was God sent. Iam humbled by her simplicity, humility and obedience to her calling and ministry. She walked and worked by the Holy Spirit. I remember her sharing a testimony where in the night, God told her to go outside. She obeyed, she met a helpless man who needed the word at that very minute. The man received hope in his situation and his life changed forever.

Rev. Laurie had a word of encouragement for everyone. She would speak into your situation as an individual.

Among other things, I learnt the following from her:
1. Obedience to the call of God
2. She desired what God desires -
ministry to lost souls
3. Sense of urgency - she
encouraged us to realize that we
are at 'end times' and work
in the vineyard needed needed
to be done today and not
4. Serving God in all situations - even
In great pain, she would speak
a word of encouragement to us
to fight on.
5. Praising God in all situations, even
in the midst of great pain she
never ceased to praise God.
There are so many lessons I learnt from the great soldier of the Lord and at the right time, God connected us to her for a purpose.

Go well, Go well Soldier of the most High God.


Musonda Kapyanga
September 17th, 2022

My sister dearest, God sent you in my life at the time when I had so many unswered questions about Christianity and Christians. The Holy Spirit inspired manual Feed My Sheep answered them all, now I preach the gospel with confidence and boldness, Evangelism has been made easy. The Holy spirit reviewed to us (you and me) same things, on many occasions we collided in words. In short He gave us the like minds.

You provided all financial support we needed just to see to it that Feed My Sheep in Zambia is Launched and spread all over the country we are almost there my sister. Whenever I lacked, I and family got sick and whenever God spoke to you about us you came through for us and reminded me that I am on the battle field with the devil. You taught me how to handle situations using the word of God. My selfless sister you gave it all.

You called me a National director, you where such a radical christian, loving, caring, selfless mother above all intelligent in the Holy Spirit. I promise to fulfill the vision of FMS for Zambia as the Lord gives me strength. I love you so much, you are in safe hand my Reverend. Zambia shall be revived. Musonda

Sylvester Mushoke
September 17th, 2022
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Ma'am, Laurie. That is who she was to me and my family. She was a spiritual mother, counselor, guide and friend.
A lover of God, a lover of people, a kingdom minded person. A disciple who was making disciples around the word.
For us here in Zambia, this is a gigantic loss, through her leadership, we now have FEED MY SHEEP DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING PROGRAMS RUNNING IN 6 out of 10 provinces of ZAMBIA.

Ma'am, Laurie had a sense of urgency when it comes to the things of God. This is the sense of urgency all of us must have , because life is so fragile, here today and gone tomorrow.
I will never forget those times she would call me and we would talk for hours, I will cherish those moments forever.
Ma'am Laurie, I loved you in life and I love you in are a kingdom role model, a generation impactor, a passionate soul winner, and disciple. Your ministry transcends race, culture, background and status.

You taught us that at the feet of Jesus, we are all one.
Go well my mother, go well child of God, go well , go well.
As for Feed My sheed, we shall help Michelle carry on with the Vision. We shall continue to run the race until your vision is fulfilled.

Your Son, brother and friend from ZAMBIA.

Wally and Francesca
September 16th, 2022

Christ always! Laurie opened our eyes-we need a SAVIOR. The flesh is never satisfied, but with Christ we have eternal life. When somewhat troubled, she was an incredible encourager, and taught how to seek Christ. Today, we need to do this more than ever.
Laurie has passed through the Gates of Glory! We are eternally brothers and sisters with her, homeward bound

Chola Kambafwile
September 16th, 2022

Loretta Gail Amero 15th August,1950 to 12 the September,2022.

Rev. L. Amero, my sweet sister you were not only the founder of Feed My Sheep Discipleship Training program, you were the vision carrier of making disciples who will make disciples. You loved the Lord from deep down your heart, your passion and committment to share the love of God was priceless.

Even when you were in pain you used every bit of strength to share Christ. Your legacy of making disciples who will make other disciples will live on. Your vision for Zambia is already bearing fruits. The Zambia Explosion to the heart of Jesus Christ is already bearing fruits.

You taught me the love of God from another level, you taught me how to let go off myself and let God be God in my life. You used to encourage me a lot,my powerful support system in many ways. As I celebrate your life my sweet memories of you Will forever live on. You were a rare gem Rev. Amero. Even in death I love you. Indeed heaven has gained an Angel. May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

Mirriam Chintu
September 16th, 2022

To me she was a woman on assignment. Loving, self less and focussed. Sweet Laurie as I called her showed me what Christ like love was . She proffesed Christ and lived Christ. Her talk was always making disciples Even in sickness she never forgot that she was the daughter of the most high God. I will miss her greatly but I know she in safe hands .I love and remember her .Mirriam

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