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Talon Willow Orlowski

January 27th, 2003 - June 24th, 2022
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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Talon Willow Orlowski. 

She was born January 27th, 2003 at Royal Columbian, to parents Stan and Dawn Orlowski, and raised in Maple Ridge. She was the youngest of 6 siblings. She passed June 24, 2022 and has reunited with her sister Cierra and her mother Dawn, who we lost 5 years ago. 

Talon leaves behind her siblings - Opal, Emi, Taylor, Shale, Keldy, her nephew Luka, her nieces Mackenzie, Kendra, Nataliya and Jovi and her father Stan. 

Talon loved her family and friends fiercely. She was beautiful, selfless, so vibrant and laughed at everything. 

Talon was 19, graduated from high school, just moved into a new place and was working on the next chapter of her life. 

Talons unexpected death has left a hole in our family and she will be missed greatly.


Madison Dougla
July 20th, 2022

Talon, I’m forever grateful I got to watch you grow into the gorgeous soul you had over all of the years I had known you. My favourite memory with you is sitting at hammond in the middle of the night with you and taryn, I was so worried we were gonna get in trouble cause you guys were being so loud and everytime I hushed you guys you both just bursted out laughing . You two together never failed to put a smile on my face or make me laugh the hardest I could. Your laugh is forever contagious and my favourite attribute of yours. I’ll forever miss going into the kitchen and hearing you and taryn laugh at the top of your lungs from her room upstairs, you could hear you guys a mile away. You were so confident in your attitude and your looks, you were never scared of other people and I aspired to hold that trait my self as you did. You were like a second little sister to me and always have been, Thank you for being my little sisters soulmate and best friend in this life and the next. Watch over your family and friends forever. I will never forget you and cierra although you two would make it hard to anyway, you left such a mark on us all. Say hi to cierra for me. This is not a goodbye, just a see you later 🤍 love you always beautiful angel

Susan & Scott Hyde
July 18th, 2022

Our condolences & sympathies to your family & friends. Such a beautiful young woman taken too soon.

Madeline Toolsie
July 17th, 2022

Rest In Peace sweet girl. I’m so sorry your life was hard and not fair. Wherever you are, look down on your family.

Grandma and Grandpa Collingridge
July 17th, 2022

So sad. We will miss you, Talon.

Emily Soderman-Gore
July 17th, 2022

Talon, I am so grateful for our times together. I will cherish in my heart all of the special memories we have throughout all the years. Though I have many favourites, our biking experience with Keldy would have to be one of the best ones. Your beautiful looks and contagious laugh will be forever remembered all around.

Thank you for being such a special person and having such a impact in my life, you will remain family forever.

I love you always, sweet girl.

Elissa Orlowski
July 17th, 2022

Talon you were a amazing beautiful young woman who I will not forget, you had a life full ahead of you. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet you. However it was not long before you went home to be with your mom and sister. I will cherish the late night calls and you calling me to just talk. Fly High Beautiful love you.

Bianca Gonzalez
July 16th, 2022


You made me feel so confident, always. You were my hype girl.
I seen a lot of me in you which i feel is another reason we connected so well.
You would sometimes come to me for advice like i was another older sister.
You’re so fierce and vibrant, there’s no one like you.

I will miss you dearly & forever think of you like my little sister, i love you Talon.
You’re so loved.

Glenn and Donna Collingridge
July 16th, 2022

We will always love Talon’s outgoing nature and love of family. We will miss Talon. Love you.

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