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Raimath Nisha Nadessan

October 18th, 1946 - May 25th, 2023
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The life of Raimath Nisha Nadessan

Raimath Nisha Nadessan (Munnu) was born on October 18, 1946 in Wiyabi, Fiji Island . She was born into a big family. Her parents were Abdul Hamid and Sahidan Nisha (Guddi). She had five brothers and two sisters.

Nisha died on May 25, 2023 in Maple Ridge. Nisha is predeceased by her husband Nad Nadessan and her son Lawrence Nadessan. Nisha is leaving behind her daughters Kiran, Shandhya, Charlene, her son in law Kris, her son/grandson Kyle, grandchildren Tyler, Deven, Cynthia, Jamie, Sammy, Olivia, Gabriel and her youngest grandson Grayson, as well as her siblings and their families.

Nisha was a tiny lady that impacted everyone she met and had a big heart. This is Nisha’s story
“Ek pyar ka nagma” one love story

Nisha met Nad when she was 13 at a soda shop in Fiji. They would go for coffee and talk. Nad asked Nisha to marry him when she was 18. Nisha said yes and they were married on December 08, 1966. Nisha had to adapt to a new religion and expectations.

Nad left Nisha and his two girls Kran and Shandhya in Fiji . Nad migrated to Canada leaving Nisha to care for the kids on her own. Nisha struggled raising the girls on her own.

Nisha had migrated to Canada in 1970,  with two young girls. Life in Canada came with a lot of difficulties for Nisha. She had to learn to speak a new language and learn new customs .

Nisha faced many of struggles and difficulties. She started working in the food industry and overcame a lot to adapt to her new life. There were many times in her new found life in Canada that she wanted to go back to Fiji. Where there were family and friends and more of a community with a social structure.
Nisha learnt that Canada was so different and no one really was involved in any one’s lives.

Nisha went on to have a son Lawrence and daughter Charlene. The kids kept her life busy . Nisha loved cooking and baking foods. Making new dishes and putting chilli peppers in everything. Every weekend Nisha invited relatives over and cooked feasts, spending hours preparing and cooking the food. If anyone came to her house, one could not leave without eating or at least having chai.

Nisha had a big heart. She helped anyone she could whether it was donating money or her time or simply just being a friend. Nisha was so lovable that anyone she met would be quickly smitten with her. Along the way, Nisha and Nad helped many families from Malaysia, India , Ghana, and the Philippines migrate to Canada and obtain their Canadian Citizenship. These were the lessons that were instilled in all of her kids. Nisha told her kids that helping others was our moral obligation to make this world a better place for our kids.

If anyone knew Nisha she was a dedicated mother, grandmother, mother in law and friend. Her dedication was seen by her family that spent so many years with her. Nisha and Nad started out young and grew old together until Nad passed away at age 84. This shows Nisha’s love for her husband and family. Nisha was a person that cared for her grandchildren with the same love and commitment.

Nisha you were an amazing person. There will be a void in everyone's heart. May your soul rest in peace . You will be greatly missed by your family and friends.


June 16th, 2023


I thought this day would never come losing u. I lived in a world where I believed that you and dad would always be there. Sometimes fate blindsides us and forces us to deal with situations that we don’t expect. I really thought we would have more time I would grow old with you mom . You would be there to teach and lecture us. I kept telling u I felt like I was a 100 . You always told me I was your Nani .

I remember the last conversation we had about culture and traditions. You were saying all of us have forgotten about where we came from. I told you no mama the kumars haven’t we are still following what you taught us. I promised you that our kids would know and be proud of where we came from.

You and dad our Heroes. Taught us never to give up and to fight for what’s right. Dad telling us education was important and u telling us tradition and culture was important. It definitely shaped who I am today overly righteous. Always lecturing everyone to do the right thing.

I remember when we were young, dad and you not able to buy food for all four of us. Dad and you would go hungry to make sure we had food. I learnt a lot about family. You don’t have to be rich to take care of your family.

I recall the time you were paralyzed, dad doing everything for you. I remember dad taking you everywhere to get healing for u. Nothing worked until finally u guys went to a church that day changed ur lives . You finding god and were healed. The day u guys became Christians.

After dads accident I realized that god healed u to take care of dad, u helped him daily it wasn’t just cooking, cleaning. You took him to his appointments and dialysis as well. Helping him out of the wheelchair and into it. Such a tiny woman and god gave u such strength. Never wanted anyone’s help but none of us would let u do it alone.

The best lesson was no matter what our children are important. The children came first and then our desires and wants.

To this day I believe this philosophy and this led me to take care of Kyle and Tyler.
I was the mother hen like u . Strong and brave to take on anyone that threatened our family life or values. This is what I learnt from u.

Each day is going to be very difficult not talking to you every night. You calling me never missing a day even when you were not feeling well. Worrying about me instead I should have been worrying about you. Definitely I have nani syndrome.

You telling me I was more like dad every day. Constantly reminding you of everything that you lost. I love u mom , u will always be in my heart engraved into my soul. Until we meet again mom. I know u are reunited with dad, law and everyone that you loved and lost.
These are some beautiful memories and things u taught us hard to pick from 55 years of memories.

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