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Preston Wright

April 16th, 1988 - November 17th, 2022
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It is with is with heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of beloved spouse, father, son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, & friend, Preston Wright.

Survived by his spouse: April Del Mundo; son: Enso Wright; parents: Grant & Myra Wright; siblings: Garrett Wright; Roxanne Wright & spouse Liliana; Clayton Wright & spouse Sylvia; nephews: Elijah, Ezra, & Caleb; in-laws: June & Victoria Del Mundo & children June Jr & May.

Though our sorrow is tremendous, we take solace in having known & loved this gentle, warm hearted man.


Jeff Gushue
April 21st, 2023

Mr. And Mrs Wright, Garrett and all of Preston's loved ones I want to share my sympathies.

I knew Preston enough to know that his soul was pure.....he was always quick to smile and laugh at every single stupid joke I had. Soft spoken absolutely kind and a lover of dogs beyond words.

There are no real words, thank you to all of the Wright family for all those years in hockey, so many good memories. Garrett , Mr.and Mrs Wright I'll always appreciate all of your friendship. May Preston rest in peace.

Richmond John
December 25th, 2022
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Every time I see, I can see the glow in her eyes, and you my friend are the primary source of her happiness. You and April have great love for one another that a young man named Enso became the fruit of it!

You’re a soft spoken, charming and kind hearted man! The rest of the gang and I are heartbroken to know that you went too soon!

We know that you fought a good fight and heaven has gained another Angel.

Rest well, Preston! You’re now free of pain brother 🤍🤍🤍

Denise Moulson
December 5th, 2022

Dear Myra,Grant and family,
sending you all our deepest condolences for the loss of Preston.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Denise & Warren Moulson

kel and family
December 5th, 2022
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hi papa P, the news that you are gone is very painful, we didn't even know each other fully but april's smiles are enough to prove that you are a good person! I'm happy to have met you even for a short time, and I'm happy for pril being with you, especially during Halloween wearing costumes 😊😊😊 and when you go camping. happy to saw you three/four doing that kind of adventures.. april,enso and hurschel will surely miss you.

Rest in paradise P. we will miss you being with pril and enso, please watch over them. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

thanks for the memories.

Pril, I love you and Enso. ❤️❤️❤️ just keep swimming. 💪💪💪 keep going and stay strong! 🙏🙏🙏


Michael Joe and Jessica Joy Damiao
December 4th, 2022

Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family during this times of sorrow.
May his soul rest in peace.

Renato and Rosalie Damiao
December 3rd, 2022

Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. We are lost for words for the unexpected loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you in this grieving moment.

Ann Karina Damiao
December 3rd, 2022
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Good morning/afternoon everyone.

I met P once when he visited our friend, April's hometown. I remember in those days that we had a great adventure and enjoyed a lot of moments with them even in a short period of time.
I knew P as a very loving and supportive partner to our friend. When April introduced him to us, we already gained another friend. he loves adventure and nature, he, too is also an animal lover. He is soft spoken but he has the sweetest smile. i am amazed how gentle and patient he is. His sudden death left us shocked and our heart is crying. Until now, I still can't believe that he is gone too soon.

You will be missed P. Thank you for all the good and happy memories you left with us, we will continue to treasure it as we keep you in our hearts forever. Continue to watch over April and Enso up there! May you rest in peace P!

My prayers for the bereaved family, to his wife and to his son. May you find comfort in this challenging time.

Quel & Ken
December 3rd, 2022

Words fall short of expressing my sorrow for your loss. I am deeply sorry to hear about the passing of Kuya Preston.
I pray that in the midst of your sorrow you find comfort in all joyful memories shared.

Jen Rubio
December 3rd, 2022

Sending my deepest sympathy to your family at this difficult time. May you find peace in the loving hands of our Lord.

Rialyn balic-balic
December 3rd, 2022
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My deepest condolences for the sudden loss of Preston :( i met him once and i knew his a wonderful person.
Just know that ill always be here for you no matter what.
Preston will surely be missed.

May Del Mundo
December 3rd, 2022
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I am endlessly grateful to have met a kind hearted person such as Preston and have him be a part of our family. All the memories i have is nothing but joyful and adventurous memories and it’s something that i will truly always cherish and hold onto. I’m sure wherever you are, you are at peace. It won’t be easy to let you go but, Preston, you will live inside our hearts forever.

December 3rd, 2022

To my dearest friend April,

My deepest condolences to your and the entire family.

I’m sorry, I missed that time you guys were here. I wish to contribute something as a memory but all I know was you met someone so wonderful that made you happy for a long time as a partner, more than anyone of us had. Although you are already a well composed, smart woman, I still witnessed how he helped you become the best version of yourself, as a woman, partner and as a mother. I’m thankful that he was the person with you throughout ups and downs, that he was with you and he was for you, that even from a far, I know that I don’t have to think about you that much as I know that one of my most treasured friend is in good hands and well taken care of. I’ve seen some part of your life, most likely on pictures you shared from facebook. As a viewer, you guys always put a smile on my face, most of that time I look up to your relationship! How happy and well matched you guys can get! One that I can see the most was you both like to have adventures! (I always remember when we were kids that we went to a beach far from the actual place we should be) & still I can see that from you, you are still doing adventures and it’s so nice that you’re doing something you love together with your partner. It’s like a dream to found someone with same interest while completely being in love. Your relationship looks so perfect that it looks like it’s made in heaven.

Thank you Preston, for making my friend feel safe and loved. Thank you for being a good partner and father. Though you’re not here with us anymore, your presence will always be in your every love ones heart. You are remarkable & you will always will be.

Life can be very short for you but at-least you lived well every inch of it, very well specially to the people surrounding you. You will be remembered forever.


Sam Farrar
December 1st, 2022
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Knowing Preston for almost 30 years of my life, this news has been so heartbreaking. My thoughts go out to all of Preston's family and of course April and his little boy. He will be truely missed.

Rosa Rolfe
December 1st, 2022

There are no Words!! Sincere Sympathy to all of you.
Sending Hugs, Love and Prayers your way. 🙏🏻
Aunt Rosa and family.❤️❤️❤️

Yuriko and Michael
December 1st, 2022

We are at a loss for words in this time of sadness for the whole family. We did not meet Preston but met his parents and siblings some years ago and our thoughts are with them.

Laurie & Walter
November 30th, 2022

We are saddened by the loss of Preston & want to give our love & support through this very difficult time to April, baby Enso, siblings, mum & Dad & all extended family. May you find strength in beautiful memories & carry this heavy grief ever so gently as time relentlessly pulls us forward. Calling all angels for you this Christmas.

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