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November 2nd, 1968 - February 1st, 2024
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     Maria Royick, 55, peacefully passed away on February 1, 2024 at the Surrey Memorial Hospital
with family and friends by her side.

  Maria was born on November 2, 1968, In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Maria grew up in Prince Albert Saskatchewan for her first few young years. Soon later, Maria and her family moved out to British Columbia.  Maria attended all her schooling in New Westminster with her brother Andrew.

Maria is predeceased by her father, Alexander Royick and mother, Joyce Stella Royick. Maria
was survived by her husband Donald, brother Andrew, as well as her children Zachary and

Maria always lived her life to the fullest. She was always laughing, sharing stories and talking about her boys. Her husband and her boys were her world; she always did everything she could to provide them with an incredible life. She will be dearly missed by her friends at Save On Foods, where she worked for nearly 20 years. Maria was a great friend and wife, but an even better mom. She will never be forgotten.

We love you Maria

There will be a memorial service held at 11969 216 St, Maple Ridge on the 24th of February at 10:00am.


February 13th, 2024

I met Maria in October of 2005 when she started working at Save On Foods. We became friends very quickly. We had such a great time working together, I’m pretty sure we spent more time talking than working. We had so many laughs that we would end up in tears more often than not. Completely shocked we didn’t get hauled upstairs for our lack of productivity. We became such good friends, she was in my wedding party in 2012. Maria was a loving, devoted mother and she was very proud of her boys. Anyone who knows her, knows this. I am going to miss your smiling face , your infectious laugh, your sarcastic sense of humour, and most of all, your friendship! My life has been so much brighter because you were in it! I miss you terribly my beautiful friend! Rest easy Maria!
Hi Dee Ho There! XO

February 9th, 2024

Maria was a beautiful mom, wife, co-worker and friend devoted to caring for her boys. She was such a proud mother and anyone that knew Maria knew that about her. I met Maria at the store we were cashiers together for many years until she started to go work in the deli. We had a lot of fun when we worked as cashiers all the stories and laughter we shared. She was really good at running the service desk and great with the customers. It didn’t matter where Maria was working she always gave great customer service. She always made me laugh with her funny sarcastic sense of humour. She brought so much joy to the store with her beautiful smile and wonderful personality. I am so happy I got the chance to work with Maria for such a long time and enjoyed some fun times outside of work. I will always remember her beautiful smile and her sarcastic sense of humour. She will be greatly missed. Rest peacefully Maria.

February 8th, 2024

My earliest memories of Save on foods were with Maria, where she worked as a cashier and I started out as a service clerk for the month. Years later, she was trained in the Deli, where we continued to work together for years before I went on to night shift. I had been looking forward to Maria coming back to work so I could see her in the mornings. Maria will be dearly missed, and Save on will not be the same without her

February 8th, 2024

Aunt Maria, you will be forever missed but your legacy will carry on in your boys. You have raised 2 very amazing young men, keep watch from above. Till we see each other again, RIP!

February 8th, 2024

I have known Maria since our boys Brock and Carlos were in Elementary School. We always plan a play time for the boys after school. It’s either me bringing Brock to my house or my son Carlos stayed with them.
Maria is one of a lady I can relate to. She’s very down to earth and always speak her mind. We can have discussions about life and shits that goes with it. We even call each other Bad Mama as a joke. Kids just had a laugh when we called each other Bad Mama.
Maria treasure her family beyond belief. We shared those common beliefs that Family is everything.
I had an opportunity to be working with her too and enjoy talking to her about work. I’m gonna miss our little break together. I will miss picking her up and carpooling at work.
May you rest in peace Maria and I will sure miss you.
Susie ( aka Bad Mama)

Raleigh Northam
February 8th, 2024

I remember years ago when I was working my second job at save on foods. I was going through a rough patch in life. I had a rough home life, I had just gone through a hard breakup, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, I had no friends, and I was down in the dumps. One day I came into work crying, not absurdly, but enough for a mother of two boys to realize when nobody else could. I was putting my bag away for the beginning of my shift, and Maria came up behind me and gave me a very big hug. I don’t know how, but she understood I was in pain and confusion with life. And I’ll never forget what she told me after that hug, something nobody else ever heard nor do I think she shared this with anyone. She looked at me and said “This too shall pass” I’m sure everyone has heard something resembling that phrase at some point in their life, but those were exactly the words I needed to hear when I felt so hopeless. The funny thing is, if Maria was still with us, I doubt she would remember her telling me this. Which speaks measures about what a truly lovely, warm, somewhat cold at times, but overall just an outstanding human being. She made me feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel when I couldn’t see two feet in front of me. The world is a sadder place without Maria here with us, and she will be dearly missed.

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