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Lena Sawchuk

April 1st, 1937 - December 20th, 2023
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In Loving memory of Lena Sawchuk


Cathy Julien
March 12th, 2024

I’m so sad to hear the news tonight of Lena’s passing. She and my mother Anne Rasmussen were good friends and Lena spent time with my children when they were young. After my mom passed I periodically called Lena and we would have a catching up talk. I thought of her this weekend and messaged her but didn’t hear back so I looked on her Facebook page and saw she has gone to be with her lord and savior. I’m sure she is enjoying time with my mom. She will be missed. She was an exceptional person. I am honored to have known her

Roxanne Maggiavomo
January 16th, 2024

Hello. I know Anthony and Melissa. My heart goes out to you and your family. The stories of your Mom are inspiring and revelatory..and show just how a wonderful person like Anthony was brought into existence. I empathize with your losses. I pray you feel comfort in many ways.

Larry Sushelnitski
January 8th, 2024

Lena Samchek was my grade 1 teacher at Kobzar school . Mrs Samchek was the most kind and understanding teacher I ever had. She had many beautiful Qualities one being very patient with students. Nick and Lena were good friends of my parents Nick and Dora Sushelnitski.
May you rest in Peace !
Larry Sushelnitski Claresholm AB.

Donna Byman
January 6th, 2024

Memories of my sweet Aunt Lena will be treasured in my heart forever. Her heart was so big for everyone in her life. I will miss her presence of life but thankful we continued our contact and can look back at our chats with heartfelt comfort. Love you forever and always.

Cyndi (Yanchuk) Dyck
January 6th, 2024

My memories of Lena (and Nick), go back to my early childhood, when my family would go visit them in Benito.

If I remember correctly, Lena was the Sunday School teacher at the Ukrainian evangelical church. Whether it was there, or visiting at her house, the most vivid memory I still have of her is her calm and gentle voice. I can hear it clearly in my head after all these years.

Олександр Топорівський
January 5th, 2024
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Lena was a wonderful person. A few years ago, I got a large family album with a lot of photos and information about my ancestors and relatives in Canada. I learned that Lena had compiled it and presented it when she visited my uncle in Ukraine in 1998. It's a fantastic work!

I communicated with Lena through Facebook, and I must say she was extremely kind and wise. I know that from the beginning of the full-scale invasion, she was constantly praying for Ukraine.

We had little time to talk, but I'm glad Lena was a part of my big family. I'm sure we'll meet on the other side!

Olexandr, Novovolynsk, Ukraine

On behalf of the family
January 4th, 2024
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Mom at 18 years old

Louise Campbell
January 4th, 2024

Lena was one of the sweetest ladies I ever met at the MRAC’s. Women’s bible study we attended. I shared the table with Lena when Verna W. led the study and Lena was always positive with everyone’s contributions and always encouraging. When I left BC for Alberta at the end of 2023 Lena was there at my going away get together. Such a nice lady. My sympathy and condolences for your family in your loss of this lovely treasure. I will pray for your family, Louise
Coaldale, Alberta.

John Tymoschuck
January 4th, 2024


Saying a final goodbye to those that we love is always a challenge. However, as has been said before, a person is never really gone if we keep them in our memories. Being the youngest of eleven siblings, so much of my life involved reflecting on my brothers and sisters as role models. Enjoying them and the many wonderful nieces and nephews, has made Jo and I feel so very fortunate. Now as I say goodbye to Lena, I hope to leave you all with a brief summary of her life and what made her such a special sister.

Growing up on a farm in the Swan River valley before the arrival of school buses, meant attending a one room schoolhouse for grades one through eight. High school was only available in town. To facilitate further education, our dad moved a little cabin onto a lot near the edge of town. He would deliver us to school in town on Monday morning and pick us up on Friday. During grades two through seven it was my sisters who were in charge. In reflection, responding positively to these responsibilities helped shape the wonderful role models that I had.

After Lena had gone to normal school and began her teaching career, I remember her courtship and marriage to Nick. Although high school had me busy with my own agenda, I remember the arrival of Greg and later, the twins, Alan and Anthony. Lena taught in several country schools where they lived in the provided teacherage. Recalling all the hard work she faced with teaching and raising three rambunctious boys, I marvel at how she faced adversity. I want to do justice to the many qualities that made Lena such a special person. She was the most unpretentious, nonjudgmental, and generous person. She faced every obstacle with great effort and without complaint. Her practical approach always put people ahead of things. Having lived in every western province, Lena was always quick to become a useful part of her community. Inheriting her green thumb from our mother, Lena always surrounded herself with plants, gardens, and flowers. She managed to find time for painting and needlework. As Jo and I look around our house, her gifts will always be reminding us of her.

With Lena gone, but not forgotten, we now can turn to the fruits of her labour reflected in her extended family. Seeing and visiting with her sons and their families, I am reminded of the expression “the apples didn’t fall very far from the tree.” Hopefully, as we continue through this life’s journey, we will think of and share stories about Lena, a truly remarkable woman.

So goodbye, Lena. Rest easy as you sure have earned it.

Your little brother, John

Greg Samchek
January 4th, 2024


You were not only a beautiful soul but a beautiful woman. I can definitely see what dad, your sweetheart, saw in you.

Lots of Love...

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