Funerals and Grief During Halloween

October 27th, 2023
Funerals and Grief During Halloween

For those grief-stricken over a loss, there is no one day that is better than another to have a funeral. But the holidays that we celebrate in our culture can be difficult for those coping with a recent death. We are approaching Halloween, a minor and typically happy holiday that falls on October 31. In today’s blog article we will talk about coping with grief during Halloween.

Trick or Treating

If you cannot cope with trick-or-treaters, you can always shut off your exterior house lights and not answer the door. But if you have small children, they will likely be celebrating, even if only at school.

Try to Participate

Being with others is key to having support during your difficult period before or after a funeral. You may find some relief from your suffering when you see small children walking down the street in costume or if you visit a local farm that is selling gourds, squashes, and pumpkins.

Remember the History

You will see plenty of reminders of death around Halloween, but remember that, traditionally, Halloween and the next day, All Saint’s Day, are holidays that honour the dead. Perhaps know this can give you some comfort.

Thousands of years ago, Celts believed that the line between the living and the dead was blurred on Halloween. Pope Gregory III moved all Saint’s Day to November 1 in response to the pagan beliefs that were already celebrating the last day in October.

In Mexico, there is the Day of the Dead which is celebrated during the first few days of November and sometimes include October 31. The point here is that while in the western world, we may be inundated with cheap Halloween costumes and candy, there is a real tradition across several cultures to celebrate the dead during this period.

If you have suffered a loss during this period, perhaps you can view Halloween with different eyes and see the holiday as an opportunity to remember those we have lost, which is really what the holiday is about.

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