Does a Graveside Service Have To Be Religious?

July 18th, 2022
Does a Graveside Service Have To Be Religious?

The graveside service can be anything you want it to be, so the answer is no. That said, the graveside service is usually a quieter affair than a service inside a chapel. Since the graveside service is outside, the weather may not cooperate, so it is typically not an overly long service.

Whether you have a graveside service at all is a personal choice. Some religions traditionally include a graveside service. However, it is also entirely acceptable to make the graveside service very small and private for close family members only or have none at all.

To decide what to do about a graveside service, you may want to consider the wishes of the deceased, the religion of the deceased, and also what the family wants. You may want to have a clergyperson at the graveside or not. Sometimes family members put the first few handfuls of dirt into the grave as a symbolic gesture.

If you have a graveside service, you can make it absolutely anything you want, and there are no rules unless you wish to respect conservative religious ones. Some families wish to hear a prayer or poetry or some music. Just remember that you not only have the weather that plays a role, but also access. It may be a long walk for the elderly or infirm to attend a graveside service.

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