Are There Caskets Specific for Cremation?

September 29th, 2022
Are There Caskets Specific for Cremation?

In answer to the question in the title of this blog article, yes, caskets for cremation are slightly different than caskets that will be buried. Today we are going to talk about the different types of caskets.

Caskets for Burial

Caskets for burial can be very large, heavy, ornate, and trimmed in metal. In fact, the cost of the casket can be one of the biggest expenses in a traditional funeral. These caskets for burial are not always so ornate, however, and some religions like Judaism prescribe a very simple wood box for burial.

Caskets for Cremation

The caskets for cremation are usually lighter and they have very little or no metal trim. This is because the casket has to be readily combustible and break down easily with heat. Also caskets for cremation are usually cheaper.

Many people don’t think it makes sense to select a very expensive casket that will be burned to ashes without delay. However, some kind of casket is required by law.

Some people want to rent a more ornate casket just for the funeral service, and then the body is transferred into a lighter weight casket for cremation. That is a decision that you make with your funeral director.

However, one of the reasons why cremation is often selected is because it is substantially more economic than a more traditional funeral service, and the choice of casket will play a big role in the overall cost.

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